Start smiling with these tooth-restoration solutions.

Science has given us another reason to smile: smiling can really make us feel happier. It also eases stress levels while helping boost immunity.

Smiling may be easier said than done for many people who have cracked, chipped, or stained teeth, though. But here’s some great news: same-day restorations like veneers and crowns are now a reality thanks to dental technology such as E4D.

Ready to learn the benefits and advantages that E4D restorations can provide? Let’s start with 10 of them then!

1. No Need for Messy and Uncomfortable Dental Molds

The innovative E4D technology utilizes an accurate handheld laser scanner. This device allows the dentist to capture 3D images of the inside of your mouth. With the scanner’s precision, there’s no more need for goopy dental putty.

2. Custom-Designed for the Best Fit

The E4D Dentist system also comes with computer-aided design technology. It uses a program called E4D DentaLogic software that uses the 3D images of your mouth to make a virtual model of the restorations. This allows you to not only see the end results before you begin, but the precision of the technology will ensure you get the best and most comfortable result.

3. Chairside Production of Veneers, Crowns, and Other Restorations

The E4D Dentist System is so innovative that it can even fabricate your veneer or crown itself. It does so through the built-in Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology. This is the system that creates physical restorations based on the virtual model.

4. Restorations Made from Metal-Free, Milled Ceramic Materials

The E4D system creates metal-free, all-ceramic veneers and crowns on the spot. According to studies, these ceramic restorations deliver an excellent aesthetic appearance. Their translucency and transparency make them look like natural teeth.

Metal-free, E4D ceramics are also “biocompatible.” This means that they are safe and aren’t harmful to the body’s tissues. So, you don’t have to worry about mercury being in your ceramic veneers or crowns.

5. Materials Designed to Closely Mimic the Functions of Natural Teeth

Aside from being tooth-colored, metal-free restorations are also strong and durable. They closely resemble the structure and composition of your natural teeth. As such, they can help you regain not only confidence in your smile but also restore your biting and chewing ability.

6. Milling Takes Only a Few Minutes

In dentistry, the term “milling” refers to the cutting and shaping of restorations. The E4D Dentist System has its very own milling machine. Since it’s computer-aided, it finishes the entire milling process within a few minutes.

7. Single-Day Process

Traditionally, dental restorations required multiple visits to the oral healthcare specialist. During a first visit, for instance, the dentist takes dental molds, which are sent to a separate laboratory. The laboratory manufactures the restoration and then sends it to the dentist, at which point  the patient visits the dental office for the second time to have the veneer or crown placed. The dentist may make a few more adjustments, either to the teeth or the restoration.

All these steps are necessary to create properly fitting, traditional veneers or crowns. However, they also require quite a lot of time for both the dentist and the patient. The process is even lengthier for multiple restorations.

All this has changed with the E4D Dentist System. Since it’s an all-in-one device, you can have everything done in a single visit. From taking dental molds to placing the veneer or crown, your dentist can perform all these in one day.

8. Fast and Convenient Way to Get a Complete Smile Makeover

A smile makeover helps fix multiple dental issues such as chips, cracks, stains, and gaps. It gives patients a way to restore not only the beauty of their smile but also the health of their mouths. However, since it involves several procedures, the entire treatment can take many weeks.

The E4D Dentist System helps reduce the time needed to complete a smile makeover. Depending on the number of crowns or veneers the patient needs, it may just take one day. Moreover, this innovative technology can also create full bridges, inlays, and onlays.

9. Eliminates the Need for Temporary Restoration

Patients wear temporary restorations while waiting for their permanent veneers or crowns. These “stand-ins” help protect the prepared teeth while also reducing sensitivity to temperature, which is why they’re a crucial part of traditional dental restoration procedures. With E4D you don’t need temporary restorations. You can have the permanent version of your pearly whites within the same day.

10. Reduced Need for Materials

One of the best things about the E4D system is that it helps lessen the demand for raw materials. One way it does this is by creating proper-fitting restorations on the first attempt. This is all thanks to the accurate 3D-images of your mouth.

Another way it reduces waste is by getting rid of the need for temporary restorations. Since you can get the permanent ones in one visit, the dentist doesn’t have to use more materials.

E4D restorations also last a long time because of their milled ceramic materials. Since they have a longer-lasting life, there’s less need for replacements.

Same-Day Dental Restorations to Help You Feel Better and Happier

Smiling is one of the best ways to improve your outlook on life, and there are plenty of reasons to smile. Being thankful for the time you have with your loved ones, for example, is sure to make the corners of your mouth perk up.

If you feel the need to hide your smile due to dental flaws, though, then it may be time to think of getting them fixed. With E4D restorations like veneers, you can start beaming as soon as you leave the dentist’s chair.

Are you interested in learning more about E4D treatments? Then please feel free to get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to answer all your inquiries!


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