October 2020

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The Benefits of Dental Implants on Your Overall Health

Explore the Benefits of Dental Implants for Your Overall Health and Wellness

Did you know that at least 450,000 dental implant placements occur every year? Or that these dental implants can last for 20 years or longer?

This unparalleled longevity is only one of the many benefits of dental implants, though. They also preserve the rest of your teeth, keep your jawbone healthy, and help restore gum health. They can even help keep your tummy (and entire body) in tip-top condition!

Ready to learn more about dental implants and how they can deliver all these benefits? Then let’s get right into it!

Dental implants not only look like natural teeth…

…They also function much like your natural pearly whites. That’s because implants aren’t superficial; they also act as a replacement tooth root. Replacing the lost tooth root means that they integrate (osseointegrate) with the jawbone and the gums.

As a result, implants are much more stable and secure, which is also why they last so long. In addition, their osseointegration provides the jawbone its needed stimulation. This, in turn, helps keep the bone from “melting” back into the body.

Saved teeth save teeth.

Dental implants help preserve not only the jaw but also your remaining natural teeth. This is especially true for teeth that are adjacent to the implanted tooth, which can shift into the extra space.

Dental implants don’t require modifications to existing healthy, adjacent teeth. The dentist will make the tooth implant in a way that fits the gap perfectly so the surrounding teeth don’t need size adjustments.

Since the implant is an exact fit, it gets rid of gaps that can harbor decay-causing bacteria that could affect surrounding teeth. This means you’ll have fewer tooth cavity concerns to worry about!

Minimizes tooth movement.

Tooth loss can give rise to an oral health problem called occlusal disease. You may have heard of this referred to as malocclusion. It occurs when the teeth or the upper and lower jaw become misaligned.

Losing teeth can cause such maladies because of the gaps they leave behind. With more free space to move around, the remaining teeth will shift over time. This will then make them move out of their proper places, and in some cases, even become twisted.

The jawbone can also develop problems because part of it  is reabsorbed due to tooth loss. In the first year alone, the jawbone can lose as much as 25% of its structure! Within the next couple of years, the bone width can decrease by up to 40%.

Preserving the jawbone involves applying pressure and stimulation through chewing. This is something that only natural teeth and dental implants can provide. As such, replacing lost teeth with implants can help you keep your jawbone healthy and strong.

Helps stop and reverse periodontitis.

Periodontitis, or periodontal (gum) disease, is the main culprit behind tooth loss. The bacteria that cause tooth decay can also spread to and destroy the gum tissues. Plaque, which is full of bacteria, is the primary cause of both these oral health problems.

The thing is, leaving the gums toothless makes them more prone to developing diseases. For starters, toothlessness exposes a more significant portion of the sensitive gum tissues. This, in turn, gives the bacteria in the mouth more places to hide and launch their attack.

In addition, exposed gums are more prone to injury, say from hard foods that you bite and chew. When injured, the bacteria can then invade the open areas of the tissue. From there, they can begin to destroy more of the gingival tissues.

Dental implants can help prevent gum disease since they get rid of these exposed spaces. Also, the implant process itself requires the gums to be healthy so your dentist will first treat any existing gum disease. So, not only do dental implants give you back your chewing power, they also help you put a stop to existing periodontitis.

Reduces risks of nutritional deficiencies.

Many studies have found evidence that tooth loss impacts dietary intake. In one study, the findings revealed that people with missing teeth had lower vitamin C levels. They also had a reduced intake of meat, fruits, and vegetables, which then led to reduced energy levels.

Moreover, these patients showed an increased risk of choking and gastrointestinal issues.

A lack of vitamin C is a big concern, as it’s one of the most potent immunity boosters out there. This is even more important for the health of older adults, as aging can affect immune functions.

Implants, seeing as they help recover the bite’s power, can help keep these dietary issues at bay. You’ll be able to eat crunchy and healthy food options such as fresh vegetables and whole fruits. You’ll also regain your chomping ability to eat protein-filled meats, seeds, and grains.

Improved oral hygiene.

Dental implants are just like natural teeth, so they have similar maintenance requirements. You’d brush and floss them the same way that you do with your pearly whites.

Also, high-quality implants, like those created with E4D technology, are very durable. They won’t stain or get damaged by the active ingredients in some mouthwashes.

All in all, dental implants don’t require specialized cleaning solutions. Since taking care of them is the same as looking after your natural teeth, they make it easier to achieve better oral health.

Enjoy the benefits of dental implants for a healthier, happier life.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits of dental implants, which explains their popularity. Their longevity will let you enjoy their great looks and uses for a much longer time. Plus, they’re easier to take care of, as they only need at-home care and regular dental cleanings.

Since implants also benefit the rest of your body by preserving your oral health, they can help you live a healthier, more satisfying life.

If you’d like to know more about dental implants in Philadelphia, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our team will be more than happy to answer all your tooth implant questions.

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6 Must-See Places for Retirees to Visit In Norristown, PA

Make the most of retirement in Norristown, PA, by visiting these locations.

Norristown, Pennsylvania, is a wonderful place to live life and enjoy your golden years. As a retiree, there are plenty of local activities to enjoy, events to attend, and locations to explore. Whether you love outdoor adventures or you prefer connecting with locals in a more relaxed setting, you can find opportunities for it all.

You can get started enjoying your retirement by visiting these 6 wonderful places in and around Norristown.

1. Visit Merrymead Farm for seasonal events and delicious desserts.

Merrymead Farm is located just a short 30-minute drive away in Lansdale. This stunning farm is a wonderful place to visit all year round, either by yourself or with family.

They have seasonal highlights for spring, summer, fall, and winter, including holiday-themed events. When you do visit, don’t forget to stop by their country store to find a selection of homemade baked goods, delicious ice creams and ice-cream cakes, and local specialty food items like coffee, pasta, and more.

2. Go for a hike or a bike ride along the Schuylkill River Trail.

The Schuylkill River Trail is a 120-mile multi-use trail that extends throughout Pennsylvania. There is a trailhead right in town at the Norristown Transportation Center.

The Schuylkill River Trail was voted the Best Urban Trail in a USA Today Readers Choice poll. Most of the trail is made of either paved or crushed stone built over old railroad lines that were once the source of transport in centuries past. One unique aspect of the Schuylkill Trail is that it passes through just about every landscape you can imagine, including urban and suburban settings through to rural agricultural and industrial zones.

3. Stroll along the paved trails or go fishing at the Norristown Farm Park.

Another wonderful outdoor location is the Norristown Farm Park. It’s also a more mobility-friendly location as its 7 miles of paved trails are suitable for wheelchair users or any individual who needs stable footing. If you prefer more of a challenge, there are plenty of rustic hiking trails to choose from as well.

Norristown Farm Park has plenty to do aside from walking or hiking. You can have a picnic, birdwatch, bike, and even fish from a stream that’s stocked with trout.

4. See your favorite exotics animals at the Elmwood Park Zoo.

Zoos aren’t just for animal-loving kids! The Elmwood Park Zoo is a delightful place to visit for all ages, and many retirees find that a trip to the zoo can be a unique experience when the grandkids aren’t tagging along. You’ll be able to really stop and view the animals, ask questions during educational events, and read informational boards at each exhibit.

If you’re interested in spending your free time volunteering and interacting with locals, the Elmwood Park Zoo has a community volunteer program that could be a great fit.

5. Relax with the locals at the Five Saints Distillery located in a historic firehouse.

After a busy day exploring Norristown, nothing beats kicking up your feet and enjoying a beverage at the Five Saints Distillery. Although a distillery may seem an odd addition to the list, it’s a local favorite of Norristown and a historical landmark.

The firehouse that houses the distillery is the Humane Fire Engine Co. #1 and it served the community for 161 years before closing its doors. This old fire station is beloved by the community and Five Saints even hosts tours that go over its historical background.

For more information on the history of Norristown and Montgomery County, you can read this brief history of the community presented by Five Saints.

6. Don’t forget to book a visit at Bentz Dental Implant & Prosthodontic Center to keep your smile looking its best.

Your smile is a reflection of your inner self, allowing you to share your happiness, excitement, and joy with those around you. If your smile no longer matches how wonderful you feel inside, the Bentz Dental Implant team can help.

As we age our teeth develop natural wear and tear resulting in worn or missing teeth. Though this is a normal effect of aging, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck being unhappy with your smile. Working with a skilled dental team like Bentz Dental Implant & Prosthodontic Center can help you reclaim a youthful smile through dental implant surgery, All-On-4 implant-supported dentures, and other restorative procedures.

Call our office today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Bentz and the team.

To book your visit with Dr. Bentz just give our office a call or fill out this easy online request form. Visit our website’s New Patients page to find more information on what you can expect, printable new patient forms, and financial information.

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Smile With Confidence: 8 Benefits of Dental Implants

Restore your smile’s look and function with dental implants.

Did you know that just a century ago half the population of North America was missing a tooth? While dentistry has advanced significantly and the general population now better understands the importance of oral hygiene, over 10% of today’s population aged 65 and over are experiencing tooth loss. Advanced periodontitis, a trauma such as a fall or car accident, extensive dental decay—these are just a few reasons many people experience tooth loss.

The good news is that dentistry has also come a long way in providing solutions for tooth loss. And dental implants are by far the solution with the most benefits.

Below are 8 amazing benefits of dental implants. Read on to discover what they can do for you.

1. Change the appearance of your smile.

Feeling self-conscious about a missing tooth can affect your day-to-day life and your interactions with people around you. On top of that, science has proven that the act of smiling actually makes you feel happier as your brain releases all of those feel-good hormones. A dental implant is the closest thing to a replacement tooth that modern dentistry can provide, so if you find yourself avoiding situations where you may flash your grin, a dental implant may be able to restore your confidence.

2. They look like your teeth.

Dental implants are one of modern dentistry’s most natural-looking options for replacing a tooth or teeth, so put aside those images of cookie-cutter prosthetics. Each implant is specially crafted to match your unique smile—even down to the color-matched shade, and any unique features you may want to preserve. By the time your implant is complete, no one will be able to guess which is your natural tooth and which is your implant.

3. Implants function like real teeth.

Not only do dental implants look like your natural teeth, but they function exactly like your natural teeth (if not better). Because an implant is permanently placed in your jawbone, it is as strong and secure as your other teeth. During your recovery period after having the first stage of your implant placed in your jaw, your bone actually begins to grow around the post, which further increases its strength and stability. The implant fuses with your bone, a process called osseointegration, literally becoming part of your body. Another benefit of this is that dental implants don’t require any special care, other than your usual oral hygiene routine.

4. They restore the function of your bite.

A missing tooth doesn’t just affect your confidence, it can have an impact on your oral health as well. The space that a missing tooth creates can cause your other teeth to start moving into that space. This can change the alignment of your bite and jaw, which can then create problems such as trouble chewing and biting, risk of dental injuries, and jaw pain. You may notice that you only chew on one side to avoid jaw pain, or restrict your diet to softer foods that don’t aggravate tender spots. A dental implant can help restore function to your bite so you can enjoy all the foods that you used to—even hard and crunchy foods.

5. They restore your speech.

When we speak, we do it automatically without thinking about how our lips, tongue, and teeth all work together to create specific sounds. A missing tooth or teeth can impact your ability to clearly form certain sounds, as many of them rely on the tongue or lips having contact with your teeth in a certain way. As a result, your speech may begin to sound slurred or as though you have a lisp. Using a dental implant to restore your missing tooth, enables all those elements to work together effectively. The precise fit of this type of prosthetic also means you don’t have to worry about anything slipping or coming loose and affecting your speech.

6. Dental implants are permanent.

Dental implants are not the only option to replace a missing tooth. In fact, many people live perfectly happily with dentures or bridges, but these options are not a permanent solution to missing teeth—dental implants are. Dental implants will not slip, pop out, or need adjustments. While dental implants can be more expensive to place, the benefit is that they are very cost effective if you compare them with the cost of regular denture adjustments and replacements.

7. They’re low-maintenance.

One of the biggest benefits of dental implants is that their permanent placement, strength, and durability mean they don’t require a specialized care regimen. You’ll still need to maintain an excellent at-home, oral care routine, and see your dentist for regular cleanings in order to care for your natural teeth as well as your implant. Not only will you have a beautiful smile you can feel good about, but your new tooth won’t suffer from sensitivity to hot and cold or suffer from cavities. The surrounding tissue and teeth in your mouth can still be affected by gum disease, so you do need to keep up the brushing, flossing, and regular preventive dental appointments.

8. They prevent bone loss.

Your teeth perform a very important role in stimulating your jaw bone’s growth. When you lose a tooth, your jaw no longer receives this stimulation and this causes bone loss over time as your body starts to reabsorb the bone. Bone loss can cause your bite to become misaligned, headaches and jaw pain, difficulty speaking, as well as a sagging appearance where the bone has reabsorbed. Dental implants prevent this by acting in the same way a natural tooth would and stimulating healthy growth of new bone tissue, enabling you to retain the look and function of your teeth.

Talk to your dentist about dental implants.

The best way to decide if a dental implant is right for you is to talk to your dentist. Your dentist can answer all your questions as well as examine the health of your mouth and it’s ability to support an implant. They will also create a customized treatment plan to suit your unique situation. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with Bentz Dental Implant and Prosthodontic Center today to discuss a teeth replacement option that will give you back a healthy smile.

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Four Ways to Transform Your Smile

Rediscovering a Smile You Can Be Confident In

Your smile is an instinctive way to express your emotions, especially joy, so it holds a special role in all of life’s happiest moments. When you’re self-conscious of your smile, however, it can get in the way of these joyful moments. It can divide your attention as part of your mind begins focusing on what your smile looks like instead of what’s going on around you. You may even try to cover your smile or avoid smiling with your teeth altogether. Your smile shouldn’t have to distract you from the happiest moments of your life—and it doesn’t have to. Whether there’s a feature of your smile you’ve never been in love with or your teeth have suffered damage over the years, cosmetic dentistry has a solution. Its wide range of treatments can give you the smile of your dreams. Here are four ways cosmetic dentistry treatments can restore your smile.


Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are cemented to the front surface of your teeth. They’re incredibly versatile, with the ability to restore the appearance—and often the health—of teeth that are chipped, cracked, uneven, worn down, misshapen, or permanently stained. They can also close the gaps between two teeth to erase gap-toothed grins and protect against enamel erosion. Each veneer is custom-made and applied to an individual tooth, so it’s easy to tailor the treatment to your unique needs. You can correct the appearance of one or two teeth or get an entire set to transform your smile’s appearance as part of a smile makeover. You and Dr. Bentz will design your veneers by choosing their size, shape, and shade. This level of customized design ensures that the final result will look completely natural—whether you’re getting a few veneers or an entire set. Porcelain is a modern, aesthetically beautiful, and durable material for tooth restorations because it flawlessly matches the natural color and gloss of real teeth. No one will know you even have veneers!

Porcelain veneers are a permanent procedure, however, because Dr. Bentz has to remove a small layer of enamel in order to place them. This creates a stronger bond between the veneer and your tooth surface and ensures that the veneers don’t make your teeth look too thick. As a result, you’ll want to make sure that you’re ready to commit to a lifetime of veneers before you undergo the procedure. The porcelain material is incredibly durable and even more stain-resistant than your natural teeth, so they’ll last around 15 years with great oral hygiene before they need to be replaced.


Dental implants consist of a titanium metal rod that is embedded into your jaw to mimic a natural tooth root. The rod is then fitted with a tooth prosthetic like a dental crown or bridge to replace the missing tooth. Dental implants restore the appearance of your teeth because your tooth restoration is carefully made specifically for you. Its size, shape, and shade are designed to ensure that it blends in perfectly with your remaining teeth. They’re so versatile and natural-looking that they can replace any tooth in your mouth, from a back molar to a missing front tooth. Implants perform more than simply a surface-level job of restoring the appearance of your smile, however, as the deeply rooted metal feels just as stable as your natural teeth. You can continue eating all of your favorite foods with dental implants without a second thought.

Implants also protect your long-term oral health by preventing your remaining teeth from shifting into the gap left by your missing teeth. Additionally, dental implants are the only way to prevent the bone loss that occurs naturally when you lose a tooth. In fact, the titanium metal rods actually encourage bone growth, so they can even reverse some bone loss that’s already occurred. Since the implants need to be embedded into your jaw, you do need a certain level of bone density to receive them. If you’ve already lost too much bone mass, you may not be a good fit for the procedure or you may need to get a bone graft before you can receive an implant.

Getting dental implants is a long process because it requires a lot of healing between procedures. It can easily take six months or more to receive your completed implant, but many patients think it’s worth the wait. Despite how amazing the benefits of dental implants sound—or perhaps because of it—you may be wondering, “how much do dental implants cost?” Many variables can impact the cost of your dental implant, so it’s best to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bentz and receive an estimate from our office. They’re certainly more expensive than dental bridges, but dental implants last your entire lifetime. Throughout that lifetime, they’ll provide benefits for your long-term health that no other treatment can—which gives them unmatched value as well.


Dental crowns are custom-made, tooth-shaped restorations that are secured on top of your natural tooth to restore its appearance, health, and function. They’re most often placed on teeth that have been worn down over time or have suffered severe decay, a major break, or a deep crack. Misshapen, slightly crooked, or uneven teeth can also be completely transformed using dental crowns. Crowns extend all the way down to the gumline, so they form a protective barrier against future injury or decay. Plus, straightening crooked teeth with dental crowns makes it easier to clean your teeth and gums well, which also helps prevent future decay. Dental crowns are milled from the same durable, natural-looking porcelain as veneers and are just as easy to customize. You can choose their size, shape, and shade to ensure that they blend in with your existing teeth perfectly.

Dental crowns are permanent and generally take two procedures over the course of several weeks to receive. This is because your permanent crown is usually milled in an outside lab, so it takes time for our office to receive it. If you stick to a thorough oral hygiene routine, your durable porcelain crown can last around 15 years before it’ll need to be replaced.

All-on-4 Dentures

All-on-4 is a type of implant-supported denture that allows you to get a full-arch restoration with just four dental implants. While traditional implant-supported dentures take several months to place, All-on-4 allows you to receive your permanent dentures on the same day you get your implants. This decreases the expense and time that’s usually involved when you get implant-supported dentures while still providing many of the same benefits. Additionally, since they require fewer implants, they’re even an option for many patients who have been told that they don’t qualify for implants because of bone loss. Before you choose All-on-4, however, it’s important to be aware that they do have a disadvantage when compared with implants—because they only use four dental implants, they can’t protect your entire jaw from bone loss. As a result, they may be best if you’ve already suffered too much bone loss in your jaw to qualify for traditional implant-supported dentures. Your dentist will help you determine the best option for your unique needs.

If they are right for you, however, All-on-4 dentures can provide you with a lifetime of benefits. They’re more comfortable than traditional dentures and give you the stability to comfortably and securely eat all of your favorite foods. This deep-rooted stability also means that you won’t need to worry about All-on-4 dentures slipping when you’re eating or speaking. You’ll have the confidence to talk and laugh without giving your dentures a second thought. If you’re interested in All-on-4 or traditional implant-supported dentures but aren’t sure which is right for you, feel free to call our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Bentz at any time.

Your smile should never hold you back from fully enjoying a memorable moment in your life. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry can give you the confidence to express yourself freely—without any moments of doubt or self-consciousness getting in the way of fully experiencing the joy of the moment.


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