Your First Week With Invisalign®

Young woman at dentists Invisalign orthodontics If you have decided to straighten your teeth with Invisalign®, you are no doubt excited to start the process. Patients have great results with Invisalign, but the aligners can take a bit of getting used to. Read on for some information on what you may have in store your first week with Invisalign.

Establish Good Habits for Success With Invisalign

Your dentist will have specific instructions for you to follow, but here are some additional tips to help:

  • Make sure you wear them enough. One of the many benefits of Invisalign is that you can take them out to enjoy your favorite foods. You may be tempted to leave them out for longer than this at first, if you are having trouble getting used to them. However, the more you leave them in, the faster you will adjust to them, the faster they will work, and the more effective they will be!
  • Keep them clean. Drinking that last bit of coffee after you’ve put your tray back in won’t hurt, right? Well, probably not once or twice, but if you make this a habit it can stain your trays.
  • Give yourself time to adjust. Another benefit of Invisalign trays is that they are nowhere near as painful as metal braces can be for some people. But they will take some adjusting to. Ask your dentist what to do if the plastic edges of your tray are causing mouth sores (he or she may give you some dental wax to cover up the edges). You may also have some pain or discomfort as the trays move your teeth – again, ask your dentist for help.
  • Don’t forget your case! When you go out for dinner or drinks, make sure you take along your handy case to store your tray in as you eat. You don’t want to lose your tray or accidentally throw it away.

Before you know it, you’ll be so used to your Invisalign tray that you don’t even remember that you’re wearing one. If you have any questions about Invisalign, contact Bentz Dental Implant & Prosthodontic Center. Call the office in East Norriton, PA, at (610) 272-6949 today!