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20 Ways to Create New Life for Yourself This Spring

With spring right around the corner, adults of all ages are looking forward to green grass, sunny skies, and warmer temperatures. And since spring has long been known as the season of new beginnings, why not look for new activities to help you celebrate and enjoy your long-awaited retirement. There is never a wrong time to try something new and different.

Staying active in your retirement is good for your health.

While the flowers are blooming and the birds are returning, now is a great time to explore new things to do. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services indicates that it is vital to your health to stay active as you get older. Keeping active can help with the following:

  • Improving strength and balance to prevent injuries.
  • Lessening the risk of developing heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, various types of cancer, and stroke.
  • Boosting your mood.
  • Improving your mental disposition and self-confidence.
  • Bolstering your ability to think, learn, and make well-informed decisions.

So now that you know just some of the benefits that physical activity can provide, the next step is to find some new activities for you.

Take your retirement to the next level this spring by trying something new.

Spring is a great time for cleaning and getting ready for fresh starts. But, sometimes, it is possible to fall in love again with an activity you enjoyed in the past. Check out this list of great activities for those who want to celebrate their retirement in the springtime. And be sure to toss that idea of been there done that out the door.

  1. Plant a new flower or shrub in your garden.
  2. Find a new walking trail and get out for a walk with a loved one or friend.
  3. Sign up for a sunrise yoga class in your community.
  4. Join an exercise club and try a new class. Chair yoga, resistance band training, bodyweight strength training, and dumbbell strength training are often great options for seniors.
  5. Not into spending too much time close to strangers post-pandemic? Come up with a new exercise routine of your own and try it at home.
  6. Find an indoor pool (it might still be a bit cool for an outdoor pool) and take a water aerobics class.
  7. Seek out a local farmer’s market and buy some new flowers for the kitchen table or some fresh veggies to go with your dinner.
  8. Explore a new park in East Norriton, find a spot in the sun (don’t forget your sunscreen), and read a few chapters from a novel, all while enjoying the fresh air.
  9. Find a local pond and feed the ducks.
  10. Sign up for Pinterest and discover a new craft to try with some friends or your grandchildren.
  11. Blow bubbles with your grandkids and capture some great photos of their beautiful faces behind the sudsy bubbles floating in the air.
  12. Visit the local animal shelter to check out volunteering opportunities.
  13. Not into animals or have an allergy? Contact your local Big Sister Big Brother chapter or religious organization to seek out mentorship or volunteer opportunities that benefit children in the community.
  14. Contact a pick-your-own farm or fruit orchard to see what fruits are ready for picking. Plan a trip to do some picking and then bake some pies, cobblers, or other delicious delicacies for your friends or neighbors.
  15. Talk to your dentist about a smile makeover and how prosthodontics can give you your smile back.
  16. Visit your local bookstore to get a bird-watching book and set your sights for the skies to see how many bird varieties you can identify.
  17. Check your local news and event sites to find the best opportunities to sample seasonal cuisine, local brands, and more. Look for local festivals and pay a visit.
  18. Reach out to a local photographer and coordinate an outdoor family photo session for you and your loved ones. Springtime is a great time to capture photos of the family together.
  19. Are you feeling handy? Visit your local home improvement store and pick up supplies to build a bird feeder or birdhouse. Then, contact the local parks and recreation department to find a park where the bird feeder or birdhouse can be posted.
  20. Call up a friend and take a weekend getaway or day trip to a place within two hours’ distance of East Norriton. Seek out a bed and breakfast or get fancy with a resort. Your getaway can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be.

Share your favorite springtime activity with us at your next dental cleaning and oral examination.

Whether you need preventive care or restorative dentistry, the team at Bentz Dental Implant & Prosthodontic Center wants a visit from you this spring. We love taking care of our patients’ teeth, and even more so, we love hearing how people are filling their time during the spring. If you’re due a trip to the dentist, give our office a call or request an appointment using our convenient online form. However we hear from you to set it up, we can’t wait to see you and talk about all things springtime.

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5 Ways to Show Your Love Some Love on Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Your Special Someone

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or you just want to show the person you love how much you care, going on a date or giving a gift is a great way to celebrate.

If you’re looking to plan something special for your significant other this Valentine’s Day, here are a few gift ideas along with local spots to book your date!

1. A Relaxing One-hour Massage

Everyone can benefit from a relaxing massage by a talented, experienced masseuse! Massage is a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for that person in your life who is always busy or feeling stressed and overwhelmed. It’s a great way to unwind physically and mentally, and a one-hour session is long enough to really drift off and feel the mental and health benefits of massage.

You can book a solo massage for just your partner or a couples’ massage so you can both experience total relaxation and stress relief together. Some highly rated locations for massage in or close to East Norriton include:

2. A Fun Mani-Pedi Session

A complete manicure and pedicure session can be a lot of fun and a great way of showing someone you care. It’s perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone who loves getting their nails done, but also a great idea for someone who works with their hands or often has sore feet. A mani-pedi combo isn’t just for women either! Hardworking men who tend to neglect their hands or feet can also benefit from a scrub and tidy around their nails.

A few great places for booking a manicure and pedicure in East Norriton include:

3. A Day of Pampering at a Spa

A day at a spa is the ultimate gift to make your significant other feel pampered, relaxed, and appreciated. There are a lot of options available at most spas, including massage, facials, aromatherapy, facial and body waxing, body treatments, and hair treatments. Many places also offer manicures and pedicures too! A spa is a great choice if you’re having a hard time choosing whether your partner would prefer a massage, a mani-pedi, or a trip to a hair salon. With a spa day, they can experience it all.

Many of the same massage therapy locations mentioned earlier also provide additional spa services. Reviewers recommend Heavenly Spa, Hand & Stone Massage Therapy, and The M Medical Spa.

4. Book a Teeth Whitening Session

If you know your partner well and they’ve expressed that they wish their smile was brighter or “better,” then a unique gift idea is to buy them a professional teeth whitening session. An in-office teeth whitening session is a very spa-like experience and yields immediate, bright white results after about an hour. During the whitening session, your partner just needs to sit back, relax, and perhaps listen to some music or an audiobook with earbuds.

Bentz Dental Implant & Prosthodontic Center can help you purchase and book a teeth whitening session for your sweetheart. You might even see if you can book one during the same time so you can both have stunning new smiles to show off!

5. Visit a Local Winery or Brewery

Going on a dinner date for Valentine’s Day is a tried and true way of showing your partner you love them, but a fun twist is to instead visit a local winery, brewery, or distillery. Not only is this a great way to support our local businesses, but it also can introduce you both to new drinks you normally wouldn’t try or purchase from a store. Many local wineries and breweries also offer tastings, complete with delicious appetizers to enjoy between sips.

A few locations in and around East Norriton include:

Is your smile ready for the big date?

Having fresh breath and a great smile is a must for a memorable date! If it’s been close to or over six months since your last checkup, right now is a great time to book an appointment.

Dr. Bentz will take a look at your smile and see if there are any signs of trouble. Afterward, one of our experienced and gentle dental hygienists will deep clean your teeth to remove any stubborn plaque, leaving your smile perfectly polished. This is a great time to also schedule any elective care you might be interested in, perhaps your own teeth whitening session or a cosmetic dentistry consultation.

To schedule your appointment, give our office a call or request one online.

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Why You Should Shop Local

Support your community’s small businesses in big ways.

Love for our Philly community has never been needed more. While it’s always helpful to shop local and patronize small businesses, we’ve seen in recent months just how much of a difference that support can make.

Today, we’re sharing 7 ways you can support your local small businesses while eating well and stocking up on unique items!

1. Shop local.

Most businesses in Philadelphia have had to adjust their operations in some way to accommodate pandemic-related protocols. Some may have changed their opening hours or limited the number of people they allow indoors to ensure adequate social distancing. If you’re able to shop local in brick-and-mortar locations, do so as you feel comfortable. Yet, even if this isn’t an option, don’t let it stop you from browsing their wares.

Today, most businesses have an online presence and e-commerce options, where you can shop their full selection online! Others may allow you to place a pickup order for curbside service. Inquire about what’s available and look for ways you can support your local economy.

2. Eat local.

While the indoor dining experience might not look exactly as it did a year ago, restaurant owners are making accommodations to make your experience a pleasant one.

While it might be tempting to grab a quick bite on the way home from work, try to look for ways you can support your local restaurants, diners, and bakeries. Instead of zipping through a fast-food drive-through, why not pick up a freshly made meal from your favorite local cafe? If you’re celebrating a family birthday, you could order a cake from the family-run shop on the corner. In addition to purchasing ready-made meals, you can also peruse your local farmer’s market to look for locally grown produce to cook at home.

3. Gift local.

Yes, it’s tempting to click once and send all of your items right to your doorstep. However, nothing beats the quality and craftsmanship of a local gift.

For birthdays and holidays, consider eschewing the traditional big-box stores and look for gift ideas right down the road. A few great ideas include:

  • Gift cards to local shops and restaurants
  • Subscriptions to local newspapers or magazines
  • Memberships to local places (e.g. museums, theaters)
  • Handcrafted products from local artisans

Take the time to consider what your loved ones would like and see if there are any local shops that fit the bill. Or, walk in and ask about some of their top items. You might discover a new, little known favorite!

4. Share local.

Despite advances in digital marketing, word-of-mouth advertising remains one of the most effective ways for any business to gain new attention. If you love a local business, don’t be afraid to shout it from the rooftops!

In addition to leaving feedback on websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Angie’s List, you can also share your experience on social media. Let others know exactly what you love about the shop or restaurant and why you’d recommend a visit.

These days, research shows that 91% of people regularly read online reviews, and 84% of people trust them as much as personal recommendations from their friends and family members. This is a quick and easy way to cast a spotlight on local brands, and they’ll appreciate the positive buzz.

5. Join local virtual communities.

The pandemic has forced local communities to get creative with their community groups and gatherings. While you might not be able to attend an in-person book club or workout session just yet, you can still connect with your neighbors over a shared hobby.

Check online for virtual communities based in your city and centered on common interests, such as fitness, crafting, or business networking. When you join, you’ll gain access to everything the group has to offer, which may include:

  • Virtual conferences
  • Recorded presentations
  • Online chat options
  • Resource libraries

This is also a great way to find online support groups that can help you maintain your emotional health during these trying times. When you plug into these communities, you can help others in your circle feel more connected and fulfilled too.

6. Pay it forward.

It goes without saying that there are many people in your community who might be feeling an immense burden right now. It can be impossible to know what someone is shouldering, but even the smallest acts of kindness can make a major difference.

Seek out opportunities to pay it forward and help your neighbors. This might mean going through your closet and donating a box of clothes to your local shelter. Or, you might feel led to pay for the cart in front of you at the grocery store.

Whether it’s a mighty gift or a minor one, any degree of altruism can bless and uplift those around you.

7. Check on your neighbors.

Researchers have explained that cravings for social connection can be as real as hunger pangs. Whether you live alone or run a full household, you might be feeling lonely and a little isolated. The same goes for others in your community, which is why it’s important to take time to check in.

Call your elderly loved ones and ask about their day. Place a video call to your friend down the road and invite her to join you for a virtual coffee date. Start a care group on social media to learn about any neighbors who might need help with basic tasks, such as grocery shopping or lawn maintenance.

Show some local love today!

Your community is your home. It’s where you sleep, eat, shop, and work. It’s easy to take it for granted in the fast pace of life, but if there’s anything 2020 has taught us, it’s the importance of slowing down.

While it’s important to shop local, it’s equally critical to reach out and give each other a virtual shoulder to lean on. Doing so can create a unified force that’s strong, resilient, and powerful.

As you look for ways to connect and give back, our dental family is here for yours. Get in touch today to learn more.

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7 Things That Make Philadelphia Unique

There’s tons to love about Philadelphia!

Our city of Philadelphia has long been known as the epicenter of history, culture, sports, and of course, world-class eats. As longtime Philly residents ourselves, we adore our city and everything it encompasses.

Whether you’ve just moved here or you’ve lived here your whole life, there’s a sort of magic in the air you can feel as you travel the streets. Today, we wanted to pay homage to this place we call home. Read on to discover 7 of the most special things about Philadelphia and learn what makes it so unique!

1. Living Among History

There’s no denying the historical significance that Philly holds. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were both signed in Independence Hall, and the Liberty Bell stands as one of the nation’s most prevalent symbols of freedom and justice. You can also learn about one of our most famous residents, Ben Franklin, at the Benjamin Franklin Museum in Old City.

However, our city’s rich history isn’t isolated to buildings and statues. Rather, it’s ingrained in everything we do and everywhere we go. Where else can you drink in a bar where the Federalist papers were argued, walk the same streets as our Founding Fathers, or run the famous Rocky steps? In Philadelphia, the past is part of our story, and it’s one we’re proud to tell.

2. Philadelphia and The Mummers Parade

For centuries, groups of costumed performers have paraded in the streets to ring in the new year. Known as “mummers,” they first appeared in ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. By the late 17th century, mummers arrived in Philadelphia, and neighborhood celebrations occurred every January throughout the city.

In 1901, the city of Philly officially began sponsoring and organizing the first official Mummers Parade. In the years since, it’s turned into one of our city’s most storied and beloved traditions. On the first day of every year, you can find more than 10,000 marchers wearing elaborate costumes that span five different categories, including Comic, Fancy, Fancy Brigade, Wench Brigade, and String Band.

This parade is a lively and entertaining event that preserves tradition while offering residents and visitors alike the chance to celebrate what’s on the horizon.

3. Incredible Eats

A visit to Philly isn’t complete without a taste of our city’s most iconic meal: the cheesesteak! We’ll let you decide who wins in the friendly competition between local restaurants, but all are delicious in their own right.

While you’re savoring sandwiches, don’t forget that Philadelphia is also home of the hoagie! This guide can help you find some of the best in town! From traditional Italian-inspired ones to breakfast hoagies, it’s easy to find your new favorite. Even if you’ve lived here forever, there’s never a shortage of new eateries to check out.

In addition to a growing pizza scene, you’ll also find gourmet barbecue, fresh seafood, and a bevy of star breweries. Eating your way around the city is an excellent way to get to know the local hotspots!

4. Philadelphia is a Sports Lovers Paradise

Some cities just have sports in their DNA, and Philly is one of them. From the Eagles and the Sixers to the Phillies and the Flyers, the city is home to some of the most prolific players in modern history.

In fact, Philadelphia is one of only 12 cities that hosts teams in the US’ “Big Four” sports leagues, which include the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. It’s also one of only three national cities where every game is played within city limits. Grab a hot dog and a soda, and we’ll meet you in the stands!

5. Excellent Art Galleries and Museums

The arts community in Philly is booming — and for good reason. In addition to towering institutions, such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Rodin Museum, you’ll also find many contemporary art galleries that showcase the immense talent living nearby.

Around almost every corner, you’ll find a cultural destination that encourages you to think a little deeper and explore the world around you, both past and present. You can spend the day at the Barnes Foundation or the Museum of the American Revolution, then close out the evening at the Institute of Contemporary Art and still have plenty of pieces to check out later.

6. Philadelphia has Strange and Unique Liquor Laws

A list of our city’s most unique features wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the decidedly different liquor laws that bind it.

Until recently, you’d have to contact a distributor if you wanted to buy a case of beer. Buying a six-pack was a little easier, but it still meant visiting a specialty bottle shop or corner bar. Then, fine spirits, such as champagne, were only available at the state-run Fine Wine and Spirits stores.

This approach might seem uncommon, but it’s steeped in history. Mere days before the 21st Amendment ended Prohibition in 1933, teetotaler and Pennsylvania governor Gifford Pinchot called a special meeting of the state’s General Assembly. There, he created the strict Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, which remained in place for decades.

In 2016, Act 39 helped loosen some of the former restraints, allowing for some new freedoms, among them case requirements for beer distributors. Still, learning the lay of the land here might take a little time!

7. America’s First Zoo

One little known fact about Philly is that it’s home to America’s first true zoo! The Philadelphia Zoo opened in 1874 with 1,000 animals and an admission price set at only 25 cents. Today, it’s a bustling, family-friendly place that hosts a variety of revolving exhibits on its 42-acre campus. From Big Cat Falls to Penguin Point, the habitats and wildlife are incredible.

Our City of Brotherly Love

There’s a lot to love about Philadelphia. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, art enthusiast, or history buff, you’ll easily find your place here.

As you continue to explore our diverse and exciting city, we’d love to be the team you turn to for your family’s dental health needs. Feel free to get in touch with our office today to schedule an appointment or learn more about the services we provide.

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6 Must-See Places for Retirees to Visit In Norristown, PA

Make the most of retirement in Norristown, PA, by visiting these locations.

Norristown, Pennsylvania, is a wonderful place to live life and enjoy your golden years. As a retiree, there are plenty of local activities to enjoy, events to attend, and locations to explore. Whether you love outdoor adventures or you prefer connecting with locals in a more relaxed setting, you can find opportunities for it all.

You can get started enjoying your retirement by visiting these 6 wonderful places in and around Norristown.

1. Visit Merrymead Farm for seasonal events and delicious desserts.

Merrymead Farm is located just a short 30-minute drive away in Lansdale. This stunning farm is a wonderful place to visit all year round, either by yourself or with family.

They have seasonal highlights for spring, summer, fall, and winter, including holiday-themed events. When you do visit, don’t forget to stop by their country store to find a selection of homemade baked goods, delicious ice creams and ice-cream cakes, and local specialty food items like coffee, pasta, and more.

2. Go for a hike or a bike ride along the Schuylkill River Trail.

The Schuylkill River Trail is a 120-mile multi-use trail that extends throughout Pennsylvania. There is a trailhead right in town at the Norristown Transportation Center.

The Schuylkill River Trail was voted the Best Urban Trail in a USA Today Readers Choice poll. Most of the trail is made of either paved or crushed stone built over old railroad lines that were once the source of transport in centuries past. One unique aspect of the Schuylkill Trail is that it passes through just about every landscape you can imagine, including urban and suburban settings through to rural agricultural and industrial zones.

3. Stroll along the paved trails or go fishing at the Norristown Farm Park.

Another wonderful outdoor location is the Norristown Farm Park. It’s also a more mobility-friendly location as its 7 miles of paved trails are suitable for wheelchair users or any individual who needs stable footing. If you prefer more of a challenge, there are plenty of rustic hiking trails to choose from as well.

Norristown Farm Park has plenty to do aside from walking or hiking. You can have a picnic, birdwatch, bike, and even fish from a stream that’s stocked with trout.

4. See your favorite exotics animals at the Elmwood Park Zoo.

Zoos aren’t just for animal-loving kids! The Elmwood Park Zoo is a delightful place to visit for all ages, and many retirees find that a trip to the zoo can be a unique experience when the grandkids aren’t tagging along. You’ll be able to really stop and view the animals, ask questions during educational events, and read informational boards at each exhibit.

If you’re interested in spending your free time volunteering and interacting with locals, the Elmwood Park Zoo has a community volunteer program that could be a great fit.

5. Relax with the locals at the Five Saints Distillery located in a historic firehouse.

After a busy day exploring Norristown, nothing beats kicking up your feet and enjoying a beverage at the Five Saints Distillery. Although a distillery may seem an odd addition to the list, it’s a local favorite of Norristown and a historical landmark.

The firehouse that houses the distillery is the Humane Fire Engine Co. #1 and it served the community for 161 years before closing its doors. This old fire station is beloved by the community and Five Saints even hosts tours that go over its historical background.

For more information on the history of Norristown and Montgomery County, you can read this brief history of the community presented by Five Saints.

6. Don’t forget to book a visit at Bentz Dental Implant & Prosthodontic Center to keep your smile looking its best.

Your smile is a reflection of your inner self, allowing you to share your happiness, excitement, and joy with those around you. If your smile no longer matches how wonderful you feel inside, the Bentz Dental Implant team can help.

As we age our teeth develop natural wear and tear resulting in worn or missing teeth. Though this is a normal effect of aging, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck being unhappy with your smile. Working with a skilled dental team like Bentz Dental Implant & Prosthodontic Center can help you reclaim a youthful smile through dental implant surgery, All-On-4 implant-supported dentures, and other restorative procedures.

Call our office today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Bentz and the team.

To book your visit with Dr. Bentz just give our office a call or fill out this easy online request form. Visit our website’s New Patients page to find more information on what you can expect, printable new patient forms, and financial information.

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The Top 10 Things We Love About Philadelphia

Fall in love with the City of Brotherly Love.

Philadelphia is the setting of over 80 films, including Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky. It’s also the first-ever World Heritage City in all of the United States. The Center City alone boasts more than a thousand food establishments.

Those are just a few facts and stats about this incredible city, but we have plenty more to share.

Ready to learn all about this beauty of a city, what to do in Philadelphia, and its precious, hidden gems? Keep reading to learn why we love this city with a history spanning three centuries!

1. Many of the United States’ “firsts” took place in Philadelphia.

The people of Philly take pride in being the residents of the birthplace of the United States. They are proud to have been the first people to have heard the Declaration of Independence. Philadelphia was also the first-ever capital of the United States. During that time, it was the largest city in the entire country.

Being the first U.S. capital, the then-City of Brotherly Love was also the site of the First Bank of the United States. The founding of the first U.S. Mint and the writing of the U.S. Constitution also took place here. However, even after over three centuries from Penn’s arrival, Philly’s landscape remains lush.

2. Philadelphia is not only the City of Brotherly Love.

“Philadelphia” comes from a mix of two Greek words — “phileo,” which means love, and “adelphos,” which means brother. That’s how the nickname “City of Brotherly Love” came to be.

Fast forward to 2020, and the country’s first-ever capital has adapted another nickname. “The City of Sisterly Love” will remain its honorary term for the entire year.

3. It’s where health and education are huge priorities.

Philadelphia, which is a little over 141 square miles, is home to 10 medical centers. It also boasts six medical schools and four NCI-designated cancer centers. All in all, this specific health sector alone accounts for 4% of the city’s total GPR.

All of that makes the City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love a leader in the life sciences sector. The city’s focus on health care is also one of the main reasons retirees love Philly. All the city’s residents can rest easy knowing they’re in the heart of a place where health is of the utmost importance.

In addition, education makes up a considerable 12% of the city’s employment sector. In the suburban area, 7% of Philadelphians work in the education field.

4. Philadelphia takes good care of its pedestrians.

This is the city that has the most comprehensive pedestrian sign system in all of North America. That not only makes it safe for pedestrians but also super navigable. So, it’s no wonder Philly is one of the best cities for walking in the entire United States.

5. Philadelphia makes taking the sub easy and convenient.

Another great thing about the City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love is its subway. One branch covers north to south, while the other runs from east to west. No matter where you need to go, the train can take you there for the least transportation cost.

6. It’s home to the country’s largest public art program.

Philadelphians also lovingly call their place of residence “The City of Murals.”

Dotting the greenery of Philly are structures artfully dabbed and splashed with paint. The city’s murals, which now has a count of over 4,000, includes the only Keith Haring piece still in place in the U.S.

The city’s Mural Arts’ Art Program continues to share the love for creativity with 1,500 students every year. The organization itself offers various enjoyable tours to 12,000 people each year.

If you’re looking for something new to add to your exercise regimen, you may want to join the MA’s bike tour. This will take you around the city to see some of its most striking, vibrant public art masterpieces. It may just be the kind of self-care you’re looking for and the kind your brain and body need.

7. Philadelphia boasts some of the rarest books and manuscripts.

Along the stunning residential block of Delancey Place are two demure-looking structures. They may look like any other building, but they house gems that can make any bibliophile gasp in delight. These two buildings comprise none other than the Rosenbach Library.

This free library has some of the grandest collections of written literature in the U.S.

For starters, it’s here where you’ll find handwritten notes of Bram Stoker for Dracula. Tucked in one of the library’s shelves is one of the rarest literary pieces around, the Bay Psalm Book. Rosenbach is also home to the greatest collection of manuscripts from Robert Burn.

The Rosenbach Library has had to close due to the current health situation; however, it offers a lot of virtual resources, which you can enjoy right at home.

8. Philadelphia offers a sneak peek of Japan.

The Japanese are masters of meditation, a practice that shows potential health benefits. Some studies found it can help ease stress, anxiety, and depression. It may even help relieve pain and also boost heart health!

The great news is Philly is home to an incredible Japanese Garden. Even if February is Heart Month, you can celebrate it anytime at the Shofuso Japanese Garden. Here, you can enjoy time in a socially-distanced green space.

The Garden is open to a limited number of visitors so you can enjoy the majestic outdoors at ease. It’s open Wednesdays through Sundays, and seniors get to enjoy a discounted entry fee.

9. It has plenty of breathtaking green spaces.

Speaking of green spaces, Philadelphia also boasts the 2,000-acre Fairmount Park. Stunning waterfront views, as well as gentle and advanced trails, await you here. The park’s expert members also hold regular forest therapy walks, which you may want to take part in.

10. There’s a treat for almost every kind of diner.

The Philly cheesesteak is world-famous, but it’s not our only favorite. Over the years, the city’s gastronomical delights and healthy food options have grown. There’s a treat for everyone, from meatless meatballs to vegan pastries, and even chai with roses in it.

Sharing the Love of and for Philly

There are many other reasons we love Philadelphia, but these are our top 10. We hope this encourages our fellow Philadelphians to explore the city’s hidden gems. And, as a friendly reminder, please always wear masks and bring sanitizers anywhere you go!

If there’s anything we can do for you, please know we’re always ready to help. Connect with us today, and we’ll be happy to answer any oral health questions you may have!

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Why Retirees Love Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love

Discover why Philadelphia is a fantastic place to retire and enjoy this new chapter in your life.

Finding the perfect spot to enjoy your retirement isn’t an easy task. If you’ve been thinking about relocating to a different city, Philadelphia is a fantastic place to consider. With an over-65 population of 13.7% (18.2% for the state), many retirees are already experiencing the joy of living in this beautiful region.

Check out these 7 reasons why retirees love living in The City of Brotherly Love.

1. Compared to other major cities and nearby states, the cost of living here is much lower.

For retirees looking for an affordable big city to call home, Philadelphia is a great choice. The basic cost of living is much less compared to, say, New York City or major cities in Florida. Pennsylvania also doesn’t have a tax on retirement income if you’re over the age of 59.5 years. This means no taxes on your 401(k) or Social Security income. In addition, once you turn 65 you are eligible for property tax rebates.

2. Relocating to a retirement community in Philadelphia is a very enjoyable process compared to other cities.

Seniors looking to move into a retirement community will find plenty of options to choose from in Philadelphia. The well-known Acts Retirement-Life Communities has six campuses located in the Philadelphia area. You can also find other similar styles of retirement communities within city limits. If you’d rather live entirely independently, you’ll also be happy to know that the median price for a single-family home is only $224,600!

3. Outdoor lovers will find that Philadelphia offers an endless number of activities and places to explore.

Staying active really boosts your health, and the number of places to explore in and around Philadelphia makes it easy to spend time outdoors. From strolling through Fairmount Park to tackling a challenging hike in the Wissahickon Valley Park, there’s no shortage of outdoor adventures.

Take a look at this list of the 30 best parks in Philadelphia. You can find some other non-park destinations in Philadelphia here.

4. We may be known for Philly cheesesteaks, but our city is home to a fantastic melting pot of different cuisines.

Our city may have made Philly cheesesteaks a worldwide sensation, but that’s not all we offer in terms of food. For retirees looking for a city that offers a range of different cuisines, including some exotic options, Philadelphia definitely delivers. We have everything from fine dining to food truck festivals, and delicious barbecue to Caribbean delicacies.

If you’re looking to try something new, here’s a top picks list for food and drink in Philadelphia.

5. Pennsylvania is beloved by history buffs and Philadelphia is right in the action when it comes to landmarks and museums.

Pennsylvania is well-known as a vacation destination for history buffs. Philadelphia is very close to many landmarks and historical destinations, including the Liberty Bell and Valley Forge. Retirees who appreciate both history and modern achievements will enjoy visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the nearby Hershey Park.

Did you know that even our local zoo is steeped in history? The Philadelphia Zoo was the first true zoo in the United States and it’s opening was halted by the Civil War.

6. Philadelphia has a fantastic healthcare network, complete with some of the best hospitals in the nation.

As a retiree, something important to consider is the healthcare within the city you’d like to relocate to. Luckily, Philadelphia has an incredible healthcare network. Some of our nation’s top-rated hospitals are located here. Whether you’re in perfect health or you’re currently facing health issues, the doctors and hospitals in Philadelphia will get you the care you need.

7.  In addition to doctors, Philadelphia has a number of highly skilled prosthodontists and dentists waiting to help you.

We can’t forget about Philadelphia dentists! Oral health is important your whole life, but it’s especially crucial for retirees who may also be experiencing tooth loss, tooth pain, and missing teeth. Philadelphia has a number of fantastic dentists, both for general and highly advanced prosthodontic care, including Bentz Dental Implant & Prosthodontic Center.

Put your best smile forward with an appointment at Bentz Dental Implants.

If you’ve recently relocated to Philadelphia or you’re a long-time resident, the team at Bentz Dental Implants offers the best in dental and prosthodontic care.

Dr. Bentz and his staff provide gentle, compassionate dental care using the latest in dental technology. We specialize in restorative and prosthodontic treatment using dental implants, All-On-4, dentures, crowns, and more. We also offer standard preventive care for our patients. Bentz Dental can truly be your go-to dental office for all aspects of your oral health.

To schedule your appointment, please call our office or fill out our online request form.

philadelphia summer parks trails and markets stay safe and have fun 62a210a408bb5

Philadelphia Summer Parks, Trails, and Markets—Stay Safe and Have Fun!

Outdoor spaces to enjoy this summer.

The temperature is rising and the days are getting longer. This can only mean one thing: it’s almost summertime in Philadelphia!

Now that Philadelphia has transitioned into the “yellow” phase, gradual re-openings have begun to occur, even though there are still limitations on public gatherings and many businesses remain closed.

In the meantime, there are still plenty of ways you can get out and enjoy your city this summer! Today, we’re sharing a few of our favorite spots to soak up the sun, learn about nature, and make new memories along the way.

Pack a park picnic.

One of the best-kept secrets about Philadelphia is that amid the skyscrapers and historic buildings, there are plenty of parks that offer a beautiful respite from the hustle and bustle.

One of the largest and well-known ones is Fairmount Park. Spanning an impressive 2000 acres, this massive urban park features gentle trails, shaded forests, and plenty of gorgeous waterfront views. In fact, it’s so big that most people refer to it by its east and west sides.

As you explore the grounds, you’ll discover plenty to see and do. This interactive map details 50 unique experiences in East Fairmount Park alone! When you need to get some fresh air, pack a picnic lunch, and find a pretty spot to spread out. Just remember to practice social distancing, avoid crowds, and wear a mask to protect those around you.

For a change of scenery, you can also check out Benjamin Rush State Park. Philadelphia County’s only state park is located on the northeast side of the city and offers excellent hiking, biking, and wildlife-viewing opportunities.

Hit the trails.

You don’t have to be a professional mountain climber to enjoy the many hiking opportunities that Philadelphia provides. Many of the city’s trails are gentle, accessible, and easy enough for beginners.

For instance, the Lincoln Drive Trail and Wissahickon Creek Gorge Loop Trail, both at Fairmount Park, are rated as “easy” and feature rewarding vistas, including waterfalls, dams and historic bridges.

Another local favorite is the Cynwyd Heritage Trail. Located 20 minutes from the city in nearby Bala Cynwyd, the 1.8-mile trail runs between the Westminster Cemetery and the West Laurel Hill Cemetery. As you travel across it, you’ll find overlooks, boulder climbing walls, natural wetlands, and views of the Schuylkill River. The trail is currently still open, though the Friends of the Cynwyd Heritage Trail request that all visitors wear a mask and practice social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Visit a farmer’s market.

The grocery store shelves might be a little more empty lately, but that gives you even more reason to visit your local farmer’s markets!

The Philadelphia Farm to City initiative operates 12 seasonal markets around the city.  Many of these have been open or are re-opening soon with limited hours and conditions. At all of these, you can find fresh, local fruit, produce, meats, artisanal goods, and more. You can stay up-to-date on the latest openings by following the Farm to City Facebook page.

In addition to social distancing and wearing a mask, Farm to City managers also ask all patrons to stay behind the ropes at each produce stand and refrain from approaching if someone is already in line. By following these simple regulations, you can shop local, support small businesses, and enjoy farm-fresh produce, all at the same time!

Go camping.

Looking for another way to get outdoors, enjoy nature, and spend time with your family? Overnight camping is a great way to explore more of the natural wonders that Philadelphia has to offer.

Now reopened, the Philadelphia South/Clarksboro KOA is a great way to enjoy a rural retreat right in the heart of the city. Depending on how rustic you want to go, you can take your pick from a variety of accommodations. These range from pull-through RV sites and tent sites to deluxe cabins and new glamping tents. To ensure everyone’s health and safety, there will be amended check-in procedures at the campground, and amenities will be limited.

Want to stick a little closer to home? You can always head to the backyard! Set up a tent, roast some marshmallows, and make-believe that you’re roughing it in the wilderness. All the while, you’ll be staying within feet of a hot shower, air conditioning, and your own bed.

Venture out confidently.

As we begin to slowly ease back into our regular routines, is your smile ready?

This summer, boost your confidence and press the “reset” button by booking a smile makeover consultation with our team! Our innovative All-on-4 procedure can provide a full dental restoration using only four dental implants, giving you a new and beautiful smile in just one day.

We can also help you find relief from dental discomfort, including the pain associated with TMJ, so you can smile boldly and enjoy every day to its fullest without worrying about pain in your jaw, face, or neck.

With so much to see and do around the city, a beaming smile is the best accessory you can have as you take it all in. After a few months of hunkering down, being able to get outside and move around should give you plenty to grin about.

Stay smart, be safe and look great this summer.

These are only a few of the ways you can make sure you’re ready to embrace everything this season has to offer. Take the time to optimize your mental, physical, and oral health before revving up for a summer of activity. Along the way, remember to listen to your body and be gentle with yourself.

It’s also important to remember that although Philadelphia has transitioned from a “red” to a “yellow” code, the COVID-19 threat still exists. Anywhere you go, remember to wear a mask, wash your hands, and avoid touching your face. If you’re over 50, try to limit your outings and stick to family gatherings to stay as protected as possible.

We’re here for you and your family and can’t wait to see your beautiful smiles! Book an appointment today and let’s connect.

the top 5 most amazing facts about teeth 62a210b92a7c2

The Top 5 Most Amazing Facts About Teeth

Facts about teeth that will make you appreciate them even more.

One of the amazing facts about teeth is that the average American spends a total of 38.5 days over the course of their lifetime brushing their teeth.

There’s good reason for this! While many consider the entirety of the human body to be a miracle, teeth are even more extraordinary than most parts. Not only do they assist in speech, food consumption, and general appearance, but they also have always been evolving to meet the needs of the human race.

Here, we’re going to tell you some of the most interesting facts about teeth so that you can understand their importance and intrigue. Read on for some reasons that you should be in awe of your mouth!

1. Teeth come in incrementally.

If you’ve spent any time with a baby, you’ll have noted that their teeth don’t all come in at once. However, what you may not have noticed is that they come in multiple stages. Interestingly, the development of teeth doesn’t begin at birth—it begins about six weeks into the mother’s pregnancy!

During gestation, the basic substance of the new baby’s tooth begins to form. In order for this to happen, the mother must consume an appropriate amount of calcium (which makes up bones), phosphorous, as well as vitamins C and D. Then, after three to four months of pregnancy, the hard tissue that surrounds the teeth begins to form inside the baby’s gums.

The next step occurs after the baby is born. A few months after birth, the teeth will begin to grow through the gums. As you can imagine, this causes a lot of discomfort as it’s happening, but it’s a totally natural stage of life. These baby teeth will be lost within the first 10 or so years of the child’s life to make way for the adult teeth that they’ll have forever.

2. Humans get two sets of teeth.

Speaking of having teeth forever, every person only gets two sets of teeth in their lifetime: their baby teeth and their permanent adult teeth. Adult teeth come in as a person grows up because the baby teeth become too small for the gums. The adult teeth push them out and grow in much harder and stronger than the baby teeth were.

There are 32 permanent teeth, including four premolars and six molars in each arch of the mouth. Most of these will be in your mouth by the time you’re around 12, but there are a set of four teeth called ‘wisdom teeth’ that don’t come in until your late teens or early 20s.

Because you will only get one set of adult teeth, it’s crucial that you take care of them appropriately. This means brushing and flossing twice a day, visiting the dentist regularly, and treating any tooth or gum issues as soon as they arise. Remember that teeth are a rare miracle, and they’re something that you need in order to live a thriving life!

3. There are four main types of teeth.

In the human mouth, there are four kinds of teeth.

The first of these tooth types are called incisors. These refer to the eight teeth in the center of your mouth, the four on the bottom and four on the top. These teeth are used to bite into food and are the main feature of a person’s gorgeous smile. They’re also the first adult teeth that children tend to develop, which shows how important they are!

The next teeth in your mouth are called canines. There are four of these teeth in your mouth, and they lie next to your incisors. Their primary purpose is to rip food, especially meat, apart. Many scientists have cited the development of incisors as evidence that humans were made to eat meat.

Premolars sit beside your canine teeth and are used for grinding and crushing the food that you eat. While all the other teeth we’ve talked about so far are sharp and good for tearing into things, premolars are completely flat. They act as tools for grinding up the food that you eat so that you can have an easier time swallowing and digesting.

Your molars are similar to premolars in that they grind and crush food, but they’re larger. In fact, they’re the biggest teeth in your mouth! Their large and flat biting surface makes them necessary for chewing.

Without all four types, we wouldn’t be able to speak or eat as effectively as possible. Clearly, humans have evolved some really cool and unique oral features over time to help us survive.

4. Teeth adapt to their owners.

Speaking of evolution and adaptation, teeth adapt over time to become perfect for any species.

Humans are natural omnivores and many people point to the teeth as evidence of this. Animals with diverse types of teeth tend to be omnivores because there are different types of teeth needed to eat meat versus plants. People have both—the canine teeth are similar to the sharp fangs of carnivores like cats and snakes, while our premolars and molars have flat surfaces for grinding plants as herbivores do.

Human beings are, of course, not the only kind of animal whose teeth have adapted to their  diet. In the past, many dinosaurs that snakes and birds evolved from were herbivores. However, as their diets changed, the animals adapted to have large canine teeth that were meant for tearing meat apart. If you do a little online research, you’ll note that animals who live in areas where there are many plants to eat have flat teeth while those who live the lifestyle of predators have sharp teeth.

It’s great science!

5. Dental health equates to overall health.

Studies suggest that having good dental health leads to positive overall health. This might be one of the most important facts about teeth.  People have linked cardiovascular disease, pneumonia, and endocarditis to oral health complications, among other less common diseases. Stopping harmful bacteria in the mouth is essential to halting their progression towards the heart and lungs, so brushing and flossing often are necessary.

If you begin to notice tooth decay—a totally natural part of life—then you may want to consider getting dental implants. Replacing missing teeth actually saves your remaining beautiful, natural teeth. It stops the spread of decay and therefore stops bacteria from building up in the mouth.

Beyond Facts About Teeth

While the human body is a miracle in and of itself, your teeth are one of the most amazing and interesting parts of your body.

Now that you know some amazing facts about teeth and why it’s crucial that you take care of them appropriately, it’s time to look into getting dental care. Schedule an appointment with our oral health professionals for any issues that you may want to rectify. Whether you simply want routine care and cleaning or whether you think that dental implants might be right for you, our experts have your back (and your mouth).

how dental implants have changed in the last 10 years 62a210ce87963

How Dental Implants Have Changed in the Last 10 Years

Implants use cutting-edge technology to give patients realistic tooth replacements.

Dental implants are the best modern method to permanently replace teeth, providing a deeply rooted prosthetic tooth that looks and feels natural, protecting your overall oral health, and preventing bone loss in your jaw—all without requiring dental work on nearby healthy teeth, which tooth replacements like bridges do. Over the years, advances in technology have made implants more affordable, effective, easier to receive, and more successful than ever before—and new technology is continuing to improve the treatment. Here are a few ways dental implants have changed in the last 10 years.

Digital CT imaging helps dentists plan the placement of your implant’s “root”.

Finding the right placement for the “root” of your dental implant is a huge part of guaranteeing the procedure’s long-term success, so it’s vital to get it right. Digital CT imaging is comfortable and easy, taking only 20 seconds to scan your entire mouth. It uses this scan to produce a 3D digital image of your teeth and jaws, which Dr. Bentz uses to determine the ideal placement for your tooth implant. This technology is more accurate, less invasive, and quicker than previous methods, saving you time while helping Dr. Bentz provide you with the best possible surgical outcome.

Digital impressions make messy, nasty-tasting putty unnecessary.

Until recently, designing the crown of your implant required dentists to use a messy, nasty-tasting putty to take an impression of your teeth. Thankfully, new technology has put putty firmly in the rear-view; instead, Dr. Bentz takes digital impressions of your teeth using a handheld laser scanner. The wand is about the size of an electric toothbrush and simply needs to be passed over your teeth to create a highly detailed 3D model of your teeth. Since even a few air bubbles can ruin an impression taken by putty, digital scans are more accurate as well as quicker, easier, and more comfortable for you. Additionally, Dr. Bentz can use the accurate 3D model to easily design a crown to top your dental implant, ensuring it fits perfectly.

Lasers cut down on recovery time.

Dental lasers might sound like they belong in a science fiction novel, but they’re in use in many dental offices across America—and they offer multiple benefits when compared with traditional dental tools. Lasers are incredibly precise, quick tools that cauterize and sterilize tissue as they cut, so using a laser instead of a scalpel during your procedure minimizes bleeding and swelling, reduces your chances of getting an infection, and encourages faster healing. These factors work together to allow you a faster recovery time with less discomfort, which is always preferable.

OraVerse reduces the time you’ll spend with a numb mouth.

Even if you haven’t experienced it yourself, you’ve likely heard of the infamous “fat lip” sensation caused by the lingering numbness of dental anesthetics. This sensation, which can last three to five hours after your dental procedure, is infamous for making people feel awkward and self-conscious. It makes drinking, eating, and speaking awkward, can cause drooling, and can easily cause you to bite your lip or cheek without realizing it.

Thankfully, recent advances have led to the development of OraVerse, which is the first safe, effective reversal agent for the local anesthetics used by dentists. Since OraVerse actively reverses the anesthetic, you’ll regain normal sensation in your mouth in about half the time it’d take if you waited for the anesthetic to wear off. This allows you to return to your daily routine of work or errands with confidence.

Technological improvements have caused the success rate of dental implants to soar.

Thanks to technological advancements, implants have an incredibly high success rate—in fact, their success rate is up to 98%. This is particularly true if you receive your tooth implant at a specialty clinic like Bentz Dental Implant and Prosthodontic Center, which specializes in the procedure and uses cutting-edge technology to give you the best possible outcome in both the short and long term. If you take good care of your dental implant, it should last you an entire lifetime.

New advances in technology are constantly improving medical procedures like dental implants. They have made the procedure more accessible to everyone while helping patients receive a better outcome and shorter recovery time.

For more on dental implants, you might want to read these posts:

If you’re interested in learning more about dental implants, whether they’re right for you, and what cutting-edge technologies we’re using to give you the best outcome possible, feel free to call our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Bentz. We can’t wait to see you and help you on your journey!


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