With spring right around the corner, adults of all ages are looking forward to green grass, sunny skies, and warmer temperatures. And since spring has long been known as the season of new beginnings, why not look for new activities to help you celebrate and enjoy your long-awaited retirement. There is never a wrong time to try something new and different.

Staying active in your retirement is good for your health.

While the flowers are blooming and the birds are returning, now is a great time to explore new things to do. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services indicates that it is vital to your health to stay active as you get older. Keeping active can help with the following:

  • Improving strength and balance to prevent injuries.
  • Lessening the risk of developing heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, various types of cancer, and stroke.
  • Boosting your mood.
  • Improving your mental disposition and self-confidence.
  • Bolstering your ability to think, learn, and make well-informed decisions.

So now that you know just some of the benefits that physical activity can provide, the next step is to find some new activities for you.

Take your retirement to the next level this spring by trying something new.

Spring is a great time for cleaning and getting ready for fresh starts. But, sometimes, it is possible to fall in love again with an activity you enjoyed in the past. Check out this list of great activities for those who want to celebrate their retirement in the springtime. And be sure to toss that idea of been there done that out the door.

  1. Plant a new flower or shrub in your garden.
  2. Find a new walking trail and get out for a walk with a loved one or friend.
  3. Sign up for a sunrise yoga class in your community.
  4. Join an exercise club and try a new class. Chair yoga, resistance band training, bodyweight strength training, and dumbbell strength training are often great options for seniors.
  5. Not into spending too much time close to strangers post-pandemic? Come up with a new exercise routine of your own and try it at home.
  6. Find an indoor pool (it might still be a bit cool for an outdoor pool) and take a water aerobics class.
  7. Seek out a local farmer’s market and buy some new flowers for the kitchen table or some fresh veggies to go with your dinner.
  8. Explore a new park in East Norriton, find a spot in the sun (don’t forget your sunscreen), and read a few chapters from a novel, all while enjoying the fresh air.
  9. Find a local pond and feed the ducks.
  10. Sign up for Pinterest and discover a new craft to try with some friends or your grandchildren.
  11. Blow bubbles with your grandkids and capture some great photos of their beautiful faces behind the sudsy bubbles floating in the air.
  12. Visit the local animal shelter to check out volunteering opportunities.
  13. Not into animals or have an allergy? Contact your local Big Sister Big Brother chapter or religious organization to seek out mentorship or volunteer opportunities that benefit children in the community.
  14. Contact a pick-your-own farm or fruit orchard to see what fruits are ready for picking. Plan a trip to do some picking and then bake some pies, cobblers, or other delicious delicacies for your friends or neighbors.
  15. Talk to your dentist about a smile makeover and how prosthodontics can give you your smile back.
  16. Visit your local bookstore to get a bird-watching book and set your sights for the skies to see how many bird varieties you can identify.
  17. Check your local news and event sites to find the best opportunities to sample seasonal cuisine, local brands, and more. Look for local festivals and pay a visit.
  18. Reach out to a local photographer and coordinate an outdoor family photo session for you and your loved ones. Springtime is a great time to capture photos of the family together.
  19. Are you feeling handy? Visit your local home improvement store and pick up supplies to build a bird feeder or birdhouse. Then, contact the local parks and recreation department to find a park where the bird feeder or birdhouse can be posted.
  20. Call up a friend and take a weekend getaway or day trip to a place within two hours’ distance of East Norriton. Seek out a bed and breakfast or get fancy with a resort. Your getaway can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be.

Share your favorite springtime activity with us at your next dental cleaning and oral examination.

Whether you need preventive care or restorative dentistry, the team at Bentz Dental Implant & Prosthodontic Center wants a visit from you this spring. We love taking care of our patients’ teeth, and even more so, we love hearing how people are filling their time during the spring. If you’re due a trip to the dentist, give our office a call or request an appointment using our convenient online form. However we hear from you to set it up, we can’t wait to see you and talk about all things springtime.


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