Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Your Special Someone

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or you just want to show the person you love how much you care, going on a date or giving a gift is a great way to celebrate.

If you’re looking to plan something special for your significant other this Valentine’s Day, here are a few gift ideas along with local spots to book your date!

1. A Relaxing One-hour Massage

Everyone can benefit from a relaxing massage by a talented, experienced masseuse! Massage is a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for that person in your life who is always busy or feeling stressed and overwhelmed. It’s a great way to unwind physically and mentally, and a one-hour session is long enough to really drift off and feel the mental and health benefits of massage.

You can book a solo massage for just your partner or a couples’ massage so you can both experience total relaxation and stress relief together. Some highly rated locations for massage in or close to East Norriton include:

2. A Fun Mani-Pedi Session

A complete manicure and pedicure session can be a lot of fun and a great way of showing someone you care. It’s perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone who loves getting their nails done, but also a great idea for someone who works with their hands or often has sore feet. A mani-pedi combo isn’t just for women either! Hardworking men who tend to neglect their hands or feet can also benefit from a scrub and tidy around their nails.

A few great places for booking a manicure and pedicure in East Norriton include:

3. A Day of Pampering at a Spa

A day at a spa is the ultimate gift to make your significant other feel pampered, relaxed, and appreciated. There are a lot of options available at most spas, including massage, facials, aromatherapy, facial and body waxing, body treatments, and hair treatments. Many places also offer manicures and pedicures too! A spa is a great choice if you’re having a hard time choosing whether your partner would prefer a massage, a mani-pedi, or a trip to a hair salon. With a spa day, they can experience it all.

Many of the same massage therapy locations mentioned earlier also provide additional spa services. Reviewers recommend Heavenly Spa, Hand & Stone Massage Therapy, and The M Medical Spa.

4. Book a Teeth Whitening Session

If you know your partner well and they’ve expressed that they wish their smile was brighter or “better,” then a unique gift idea is to buy them a professional teeth whitening session. An in-office teeth whitening session is a very spa-like experience and yields immediate, bright white results after about an hour. During the whitening session, your partner just needs to sit back, relax, and perhaps listen to some music or an audiobook with earbuds.

Bentz Dental Implant & Prosthodontic Center can help you purchase and book a teeth whitening session for your sweetheart. You might even see if you can book one during the same time so you can both have stunning new smiles to show off!

5. Visit a Local Winery or Brewery

Going on a dinner date for Valentine’s Day is a tried and true way of showing your partner you love them, but a fun twist is to instead visit a local winery, brewery, or distillery. Not only is this a great way to support our local businesses, but it also can introduce you both to new drinks you normally wouldn’t try or purchase from a store. Many local wineries and breweries also offer tastings, complete with delicious appetizers to enjoy between sips.

A few locations in and around East Norriton include:

Is your smile ready for the big date?

Having fresh breath and a great smile is a must for a memorable date! If it’s been close to or over six months since your last checkup, right now is a great time to book an appointment.

Dr. Bentz will take a look at your smile and see if there are any signs of trouble. Afterward, one of our experienced and gentle dental hygienists will deep clean your teeth to remove any stubborn plaque, leaving your smile perfectly polished. This is a great time to also schedule any elective care you might be interested in, perhaps your own teeth whitening session or a cosmetic dentistry consultation.

To schedule your appointment, give our office a call or request one online.


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