Gain the smile of your dreams without losing its unique qualities.

Like your fingerprints, your smile is unique to you; no one else has one exactly like it. Our sociable nature, however, means your smile has a much bigger impact on your everyday life than your fingerprints do. In addition to the more practical jobs of your teeth, your smile helps you connect with the people around you and impacts your self-confidence. Unfortunately, if you don’t love your smile, you may find yourself looking at it and wishing you could completely transform it, though you may have no idea where to start.

If this sounds familiar, a smile makeover might be the answer you’re looking for. When you get a smile makeover, Dr. Bentz helps you design your ideal smile. He then uses a series of cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as teeth whitening, veneers, and dental implants, to create it. The end result is a customized, natural-looking smile that’s just as unique to you as anyone else’s smile, and it can transform your daily life in more ways than one!

Here are a few ways a smile makeover can change your life.

Increased confidence in your smile means you’ll smile more often.

After you’ve undergone a smile makeover, you’ll find that you smile more often — and you actually feel comfortable doing so! You won’t have to cover your teeth, second-guess yourself, or wonder what the people around you are thinking about your teeth. Instead, you’ll just be able to enjoy the moment! You may even find yourself looking for excuses to laugh at someone’s jokes or shoot them a smile because you finally feel comfortable showing it off.

Smiling gives you a boost of happiness.

Have you ever heard the saying that the best way to make it through a bad day is to smile? Well, it turns out there’s actually a little truth to it! Your brain associates smiling with happiness, so when you smile — even if it’s not genuine — your body releases endorphins, or “happiness hormones.” The result won’t suddenly transform your day from bad to good, but it’ll give you a little boost of happiness that can help you make it through the day. Psychology Today says even holding a half-smile for at least ten minutes will help you feel happier and more relaxed.

More frequent smiles will do wonders for your social life.

Feeling confident enough to smile freely and often can absolutely transform your demeanor, with many studies concluding that smiling makes you appear friendlier, more approachable, healthier, and even more attractive. A study conducted by Swansea University even found that a simple smile had just as much of an effect on how healthy participants said people looked as having the right BMI or wearing makeup.

Additionally, remember how smiling to yourself can give you a little boost of happiness? You can actually create a positive feedback loop of happiness with another person just by smiling at them. This is because the mirror neurons in that person’s brain fire up, often causing them to smile back, which then makes them feel happier. In response to their smile, you feel happier, too. This cycle can help you connect with other people, build new relationships, and strengthen existing ones. While it may seem like a minor detail, smiling more often and more confidently can work wonders for your social life, helping you make more friends and giving you an extra edge on dates.

Strong, durable teeth mean you can eat the foods you love.

The main goal of a smile makeover is to help you gain a beautiful smile you can be confident in, but it can often improve the function of your teeth in the process since it can replace missing teeth with dental implants. The porcelain material that treatments like veneers, dental crowns, and implants are made from is durable, strong, and stain-resistant, so you can be confident that your teeth are strong enough to take the same daily wear and tear as your natural teeth for years to come. As a result, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your dental restorations can take the pressure of eating your favorite foods; you can eat chewy, crunchy, and sticky foods all without worrying.

Even if your smile makeover doesn’t require treatments to restore the function of missing or damaged teeth, knowing that your dental restorations are strong enough that you don’t have to second-guess biting straight into an apple or enjoying fresh toffee is a huge deal. Just don’t use your new teeth to perform tasks that you shouldn’t perform with your natural teeth, either, such as opening packaging or cracking nuts; these actions can damage your restorations just as easily as they can damage natural teeth.

Straighter, more even teeth improve your long-term oral health.

Unfortunately, crooked teeth are harder to clean properly than straight teeth. Even if you’re being careful, it can be hard to reach all the nooks and crannies, which can cause a buildup of plaque and hardened tartar in those areas. Using cosmetic treatments to straighten your teeth and even them out makes them easier to clean, which decreases your likelihood of suffering from cavities and gum disease. Additionally, teeth that stick out a little bit ahead of the others are more vulnerable to injury because they’ll take the brunt of any force to the area, so ensuring that your teeth are straight and even can help protect you from expensive, painful injuries to your teeth.

It’s possible to gain a smile you absolutely love without it looking like it came off an assembly line or sacrificing the unique qualities you already love about your smile. Each element of your new smile is designed and custom-made for you to ensure you love the way your new, unique smile frees you to unleash a grin whenever you’d like.


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