Strong, Comfortable, Quick, and Affordable—E4D Is Tooth Restoration at Its Best

It is estimated that approximately 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. This is a problem because, with gaps in your smile, your other teeth can shift out of place or you could even start to lose bone in your jaw! Thankfully, dental technology has blessed us with many affordable options for tooth restorations such as E4D.

With E4D restorations, tooth restorations have gotten even better. Not only do you get a sturdier, more comfortable restoration, but you also don’t have to wait a couple of weeks to get your new tooth restoration. You can get it all in one office visit.

Check out the advantages of E4D restorations and dental implants here!

More Comfortable Dental Molds

Traditional dental impressions are a little awkward. To get the impression, your dentist would use a tray filled with soft material, such as powders or putty, that is a bit unpleasant, to say the least. Some sensitive patients may even gag during the procedure.

The impression for E4D restorations is taken digitally with an optical or laser scanner and uploaded into the computer. Furthermore, this digital impression tends to be more precise than molds made with putty, resulting in a more comfortable fit than traditional restorations.

Custom Fit

The computer then analyzes the digital impression and creates a custom-fit model. With this technology, your dental restoration will fill the space left by your missing teeth perfectly ensuring a comfortable and functional fit.

Chairside Production

Don’t worry about waiting a couple of weeks while your impression is sent off to the lab to be created. E4D restorations are milled in your dentist’s office by a special milling unit, exactly to the specifications of the digital model.

Milling the restoration will take approximately 20 minutes. After that, it will usually be polished and glazed to create a natural appearance. If a glaze is used, it will also be fired (much like ceramic pottery).

From start to finish, it will take about 60 to 90 minutes to fabricate your restoration. This means you can have your tooth replaced in one visit!

E4D Restorations are Metal-Free Ceramic Restorations

E4D restorations are milled out of porcelain, composite, and lithium disilicate to create a durable, metal-free tooth restoration. This results in a tooth-colored restoration that closely resembles the composition of your natural tooth.

Metal can sometimes cause an allergic reaction, so it is safer to avoid these materials when possible. It also avoids that thin gray line at the base of the restoration for a completely natural-looking tooth.

E4D Restorations Function Like Natural Teeth

The best part about using E4D restorations and dental implants is that your teeth will look and feel completely natural. They are also very durable, ensuring that you can use your new teeth just as you would your natural teeth without the worry of breaking your restoration.

However, don’t go overboard. Stay away from chewing on ice cubes, tearing open packages with your teeth, cutting strings or tape, and other activities that you should avoid with your natural teeth as well.

E4D Restorations Are Quick & Easy

Traditionally, patients had to wait a couple of weeks between dentist visits to get a restoration. First, they had to come in so the dentist could take an impression. Then, after the impression was sent off to the lab and a permanent restoration crafted, the patient returned to have it cemented into place.

E4D technology takes out that entire waiting period. The restoration is beautifully crafted right in your dentist’s office and the entire process can take place in one dental office visit.

E4D Restorations Are Convenient

Because of the speedy process, this technology offers convenience to busy professionals and others who don’t have time to make several trips to the dentist. Furthermore, few people want to be walking around with a gap in their smile. These types of dental implants and other tooth restorations eliminate that need by taking a perfect impression and filling the gap in one sitting.

Fewer Materials Required

Traditionally, dentists would place a temporary crown to fill your smile while you waited for your custom-fit restoration. While this is great for your smile, it results in using more materials. Ultimately, it is also a waste of time because your dentist has to fashion the temporary crown and place it when that step could just be skipped altogether.

Enjoying Your New E4D Dental Restoration

E4D technology can be used for various kinds of dental restorations, including crowns, veneers, and affordable dental implants. It can even be used to create All-on-4 dental implants, a type of full-mouth dental implant that can be used to replace most or all of your teeth in one fell swoop.

Are you looking for a way to fill the gaps in your smile? Talk to our dental expert here at Bentz Dental Implant and Prosthetic Center. We can create a new look for you—all in one office visit! Book an appointment here!


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