Choosing between a reconstruction or a makeover for your smile.

Your smile is your trademark feature. It sets you apart, gives you character, and lights up your entire being. If yours could use enhancing, it’s easy to find offices that will offer a “smile makeover,” yet, it’s important to understand what this service includes.

At Bentz Dental Implants, cosmetic dentistry is just one part of our comprehensive dental services. A true smile makeover like the one we can provide will focus on much more than merely the cosmetic aspects of your smile. This way, your smile is as healthy as it is beautiful.

Our full mouth reconstruction treatment helps transform your smile from the inside out. A fully functioning, healthy smile doesn’t just feel great, but will look great, too! Today, we’re sharing how this process works and what you can expect.

What is a full mouth reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is the process of restoring or rebuilding all of your teeth at the same time. This includes the teeth in both your upper and lower jaws. You may also hear this process referred to as a full-mouth restoration or a full-mouth rehabilitation.

This treatment is designed to optimize both the form and function of your smile. On the other hand, a smile makeover that simply focuses on the aesthetic aspect could leave plenty of issues untreated. The result could be a smile that looks healthy on the outside but ultimately leaves you with long-term discomfort.

When you visit our office, we’ll take a careful and thoughtful approach to this treatment. Dr. Bentz has specialized in state-of-the-art dental solutions for more than a decade. This includes years of experience working with the materials and procedures required to perform a full-mouth reconstruction. He will work with you directly to develop a custom plan built around your needs.

Do I qualify for this procedure?

Your dentist will perform a thorough evaluation to determine if you’re a viable candidate for a full-mouth reconstruction. Here are a few signs that you may qualify:

  • You have lost teeth to decay or trauma.
  • Your teeth are injured or fractured.
  • Your teeth are severely worn due to long-term acid erosion.
  • You have ongoing, bite-related jaw, muscle, or headache pain.

There are several different factors that can lead to acid erosion, including a diet that is heavy in certain acidic foods and beverages. If you suffer from acid reflux, this can also cause excess acid to build up in your mouth, which can erode your tooth enamel.

What should I expect?

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to a full-mouth reconstruction. Rather, your specific dental needs will dictate the treatments that you will receive. They will also determine the total timeline of your procedure, including the time it takes to heal.

After examining your condition, your dentist may recommend a few different smile reconstruction services, including:

Let’s take a look at these procedures in greater detail.

Common Reconstruction Procedures

First, there are dental bridges, which replace missing teeth with artificial teeth. The prosthodontic bridges the gap where your teeth once were and blends seamlessly with the rest of your natural teeth.

If your tooth is still in place, your dentist may recommend a dental crown instead. A crown is placed on top of a damaged or decayed tooth, strengthening it and restoring its shape.

If your full tooth requires a replacement, you might qualify for a dental implant. This is an artificial tooth composed of two parts. One is the titanium-implant body that fuses to your jawbone and takes the place of your missing tooth root. The other is the tooth-colored crown that your dentist will cement on top of the implant.

If your dentist recommends veneers, these are thin, tooth-colored shells that cover the fronts of your teeth.

All of these treatments will be custom-fitted specifically for your mouth. The reconstructions will blend beautifully with your surrounding teeth for a stunning, natural appearance.

The Importance of Gum Health

Any or all of the treatments above may be required to fully restore your smile to its optimal condition. One important factor to consider? While you might be focused on repairing damaged teeth or aligning your bite, your dentist will also consider the state of your gum tissue.

This is because the health of your gums will play an important role in the type of reconstruction you receive. If you’re missing one or more teeth, it could cause significant damage to your gums, which can lead to periodontal disease. It’s critical to address all of these issues when performing your reconstruction.

Your Custom Treatment Plan

After your initial examination, your dentist will prepare a step-by-step treatment plan outlining your proposed procedures in greater detail. Here, you’ll find information on all of the aspects related to your smile reconstruction.

Take the time to read the plan carefully and ask any questions you may have about the procedures included. This is meant to be a collaborative effort, and your input is valued at every step.

How does it differ from a smile makeover?

When some dentists offer a smile makeover, they may mean a full-mouth reconstruction, similar to the services included in our treatment plans. However, many aren’t as broad in scope.

Unless you actively address the underlying causes that are behind those problems, the results will be short-lived. Ignoring the issues and letting them go untreated could cause more significant damage that’s even harder to treat down the road.

Learn more about our full mouth reconstruction services.

At Bentz Dental, our goal isn’t just to give you a beautiful smile. We want to help restore every facet of your smile, for teeth and gums that are as healthy as they are sparkling.

A smile makeover can only take you so far. If you want to address the core issues that are affecting your day-to-day comfort, a full mouth reconstruction could be the way to go.

We’d love to discuss this process in greater detail with you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or ask more questions.


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